News about the Crit'Air, the environmental zones and air pollution

According to a new announcement from the French authorities

it will be possible to order a vignette for vehicles non-registered in France from 01.02.2017.
This means, that the vignette Crit’Air will be available for all vehicles, no matter in which country they are registered.
Advance orders are possible here from 24.01.2017!

After Paris and Grenoble the Crit’Air vignette has been introduced in Lyon

The prefect of the department Rhône has decided in an order dated 1212.2016 to introduce the Crit’Air vignette in Lyon and in the neighbor town of Villeurbanne. The vignette is combined with the system of alternate traffic circulation, which prohibits the circulation for even or odd registration plate numbers every second day in case of a pollution peak.
The Crit’Air vignettes electro, 1, 2 and 3 will not be concerned by the alternate traffic circulation, independently of the number of their registration plate, even or odd.
However, after 4 consecutive days of pollution peak, the vehicles bearing the Crit’Air vignette 3, the orange ones, will also be concerned by the system of alternate traffic circulation.
Like in Grenoble, Lyon introduces then a “sporadic” environmental zone, in which the vignette will be mandatory for all vehicles in case of a persistent pollution peak.