The ZCR environmental zone Lille

Lille is the largest city in northern France at the border with Belgium. Lille is the prefect of the département Nord and the capital of the Hauts-de-France region. The city of Lille is also known as the “capital of Flanders” and has around 235,000 inhabitants.

On 6.02.2017, the prefect of the département Nord announced that legal procedures had been started for the introduction of a ZCR environmental zone in the city of Lille. The process of hearings with affected neighbors, interest groups and other groups will be carried out for 6-12 months (as required by law) in order to consider potential issues and amendments in the definition of the permanent environmental zone.

Car drivers who violate this prohibition will pay fines of 68 euros, while truck drivers will pay up to 375 euros.

It goes without saying that the city of Lille is surrounded by the metropolitan area of Lille. The latter will be declared a ZPA environmental zone on 01.07.2017, which means that it an air pollution alarm could be declared at any time, affecting the city of Lille and making it part of a temporary environmental zone with additional traffic restrictions.

The borders of the ZCR environmental zone of Lille

Lille constitutes the center of the conglomerate of municipalities known as Métropole Européene de Lille, which also includes all bordering municipalities. All surrounding municipalities are located in the connected residential area of the city, with the exceptions of the mostly rural municipalities of Ennetières-en-Weppes, Capinghem, Prémesques, Pérenchies and Lompret in the west.

The city borders of the ZCR environmental zone will most probably be constrained to the center of the city of Lille. After the conclusion of the hearings phase, the specific borders will be publicly announced.

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