The additional label below the environmental zone label

Picture: Additional Label for environmental zone

Drivers of older passenger cars (registration before 1st January 1997), of light commercial vehicles < 3.5 tons (registration date before 1st October 1997), and motorbikes/ 4-wheeled lightweight cars (registration date before 1st January 1997) nevertheless need to observe an additional label below a prohibition sign to ZCR. It is an additional label which is fixed below the ZCR signs.

Until now this additional label meant that no truck or bus of “category 1” with a weight of 3.5 tons or more was permitted to enter the ZCR zone between 8 am and 8 pm.
According to current French classification vehicles of “category 1” include cars with pollutant emissions being so high that a permission to enter an environmental zone between 8 am and 8 pm cannot be granted. Until now only trucks and buses with a registration date before 1st October 2001 were concerned.
Since 1st July 2016, however, all vehicle of this “category 1” (passenger cars, trucks, buses, as well as two, three, and four-wheeled vehicles) lost the permission to enter the ZCR environmental zone. That is why the hint “3.5 tons” will most probably removed by the authorities in the very near future.

If not communicated differently, by the way, the interdiction to enter an environmental zone finds application principally from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm, although this is not specified on the additional label.