The ZCR environmental zone of Strasbourg

On February 2, 2017, the city of Strasbourg announced that the introduction of the Crit-Air vignette in the city is planned for September 2017. The type of environmental zone and the Crit’Air vignettes allowed to drive in this ZCR environmental zone will be decided upon in a hearing before September 2017.

Strasbourg and the Elsass region suffer strong decreases in air quality on many days of the winter semester. This is the cause for Strasbourg’s city government decision to introduce a ZCR environmental zone in the inner city.

The borders of the ZCR environmental zone of Strasbourg

The ZCR environmental zone of Strasbourg will most probably be limited to the center of the city of Strasbourg.
After the conclusion of the ongoing hearing processes on the introduction of the environmental zone, the specific borders will be publicly announced.