The ZPA environmental zone of Strasbourg

On February 13, 2017, the Euro-metropolis Strasbourg (metropolitan area of Stasbourg) announced that the Crit’Air vignette will be introduced in September in the whole region.

Strasbourg and the Elsass region suffer strong decreases in air quality on many days of the winter semester. This is the cause for Strasbourg’s city government decision to introduce an air protection zone (ZPA) in the metropolitan area of Strasbourg. The goal of this measure is to reduce the emissions of hazardous substances and greenhouse gas in the greater area of Strasbourg by 30%.

The French metropolis (metropolitan area) of Strasbourg is located in the département of Bas-Rhin in the Grand Est region and entails 28 municipalities. The government has its headquarters in the city of Strasbourg.
The metropolis has a surface of 314 km² and around 476,000 inhabitants.

The borders of the ZPA environmental zone of Strasbourg

In the north, the metropolis—with its 13 km of width and 22 km of length—is limited by the municipality of Eckwertsheim. In the west, it is limited by the municipality of Blaesheim, and in the south by the municipality of Plobsheim. In the east, it is limited by the Rhine and the German city of Kehl.
The following high ways drive through the metropolis of Strasbourg: the A35 from and to Mühlhausen/Base, the A4 from and to Metz and the N4 to Nancy.