The ZPA environmental zone in Paris

In case of an air pollution peak in Paris, a ZPA zone will be established as well. This zone of air protection will be declared in the same way as the ones in Lyon and Grenoble are, namely by the city’s and the Paris region’s prefect.

The area of the so-called “zone of air protection of Paris” includes all cities and municipalities of the surrounding of Paris and of the inner area of the A86 highway (Paris metropolitan area).
In this ZPA environmental zone of the Paris metropolitan area, traffic restrictions in the case of air pollution peak are valid for all highways, national roads and streets in the region.
Both the airport of Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly are located outside this zone and are therefore, just like Disney Land Paris (Euro Disney), not affected by these restrictions.

The violation of these traffic restrictions will be sanctioned with category 2 fines and 35 euros. Since the metropolitan area of Paris, with its zone of air protection, is not a city, no ZCR signs will be installed, in contrast to the usual signs to be found at the borders of the city of Paris (inside the boulevard périphérique).

Since the ZCR zona of Paris finds itself inside the ZPA zona of Paris, in case of air pollution peak traffic restrictions in the ZPA zone will also be valid for the ZCR zone. As soon as the ZPA zona ceases to be valid, because of e.g. an improvement in the weather, then the specific norms of the ZCR zone will be applicable again.