Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Purpose of the business

(1) Green-Zones GmbH (hereinafter called Green Zones) operates for commercial purposes under the name of Green Zones various Internet portals and offers their customers to order environmental badges throughout their shops from different countries. The environmental badges will be processed in cooperation with authorized companies and authorities in the country of issuing and delivered to the customer by Green Zones by way of "agency" delivered.

§ 2 Selection of German and foreign badges

(1) Before ordering the badge, our customers definitely must check whether for their vehicle a green badge can be issued  according to § 2 section (2). If a customer does not check this requirement and Green Zones finds out by his check, that no Badge can be issued, the customer will be informed soon. Due to the higher effort at Green Zones the sales price minus 15,00 Euro handling cost pro badge will be reimbursed. In case the original sales price is lower than 15,00 Euro, than there will be no reimbursement and no additional invoice. Bank costs for the reimbursement for countries not belonging to the Euro-Zone have to be borne by the customer.

(2) The following requirements have to be fulfilled for a green environmental badge:


Car gasoline driven:

at least low emission EURO 1 from first startup date: 01.01.1993.

Car Diesel driven:

at least EURO 4 from first startup date: 01.01.2006

at least EURO 3 from first startup date: 01.10.2000 and installation of a particle filter according to PM-class PM1, PM2, PM3 or PM4

Truck Diesel driven:

at least EURO 4 from first startup date: 01.10.2006

at least EURO 3 from first startup date: 01.10.2000 and installation of a particle filter according to PM-class PMK1, PMK2, PMK3 or PMK4

§ 3 Prices

(1) The list prices are valid at the time of the order as they appear on the website.

(2) The prices are ex location of Green Zones include VAT. Unless otherwise agreed, the costs for postage and shipping are included in the purchase price.

(3) All prices for residential customers (without a valid VAT number) are inclusive VAT. All prices for environmental badges to companies outside Germany will be charged VAT zero, unless a valid EU VAT–ID is present.

§ 4 Conclusion and performance

(1) The offers of Green Zones website are subject to change. The contract is concluded by the online customer's order.

(2) Green Zones seeks to contract the badge after receiving the copy of the vehicle documents within four to five days to deliver. If a delivery of the badge is not possible within 30 calendar days due to reasons Green Zones has not responsible for, the customer may cancel the contract. Payments will be refunded.

§ 5 Shipping and Delivery

(1) If damage occurs to the products shipped, which occurred due to improper packaging by Green Zones, Green Zones provides a full refund including postage costs. To this end, the customer has to send the damaged goods back to Green Zones.

(4) For all other reasons, the customer pays the cost of return.

§ 6 Cancellation

(1) According to §312 section 2 number 1 BGB the issuing of a badge with a license plate number written on it will be the production of an individual product, which has no value for any other customer. Therefore it is not possible to terminate or cancel an order after it has been placed.

(2) Each badge will be issued for a specific car which license plate number will be written on the badge. Therefore there must not be a return of a sold badge.

§ 7 Liability for defects

(1) A return is only possible if the badge was fitted with a false registration plates.

§ 8 Implementation of the Treaty

(1) The customer commits himself with placing the online order, to send a copy of his vehicle documents within one week from order to Green Zones. If not, Green Zones will send a reminder by e-mail to the customer. If a copy of the registration papers of the vehicle will not be send in within eight weeks after ordering Green Zones longer forfeit the performance of duty and due to the increased administrative without the refund of purchase price to the customer.

(2) When ordering, the customer will be asked to provide his license plate number. The license plate number must be specified correctly, as it assigns the Green Zones registration certificate of the order. Failure to supply the license plate number, the order may not be processed. Due to increased administrative expenses resulting, Green Zones will not refund payments made.