About us

Green-Zones GmbH and GEMB mbH with Head Offices in Berlin/Germany are dealing with information, advise, and trade for climate and environment.

The activities are divided as follows: while Green-Zones GmbH is occupied with fine dust and environmental areas, GEMB mbH deals with obligatory and voluntary Emissions Trading.

Green-Zones GmbH are registered in Germany in the Commercial Register of the District Court Berlin Charlottenburg under HRB 169866.

GEMB mbH is a private limited Company for Emissions Management and Advice. It is registered in Germany in the Commercial Register of the District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg under HRB 101917.


Green-Zones with their webportals www.green-zones.eu, www.umwelt-plakette.de, (environmental badge), www.crit-air.fr , www.umweltpickerl.at, (emission sticker), www.ecosticker.dk, www.lez-belgium.be and www.blaue-plakette.de (blue badge) inform about the subjects fine dust and nitrogen oxides in the environment and the growing traffic restrictions in European countries as a result of the environmental areas' introduction.

As public authorities of a nation offer information about such themes not centrally and, in our opinion, only insufficiently in Europe, we give a free of charge information on our info portals.

Our expenditure and personnel costs as well as the voluminous expenses arising from the maintenance of up to 40 different domestic and foreign websites in almost 23 languages are covered by the procurement of fine dust environmental badges for private persons and enterprises.

These are at present the German Environmental Badge, the French vignette Crit’Air, the Austrian Emission Sticker, and the Danish Ecosticker (every domestic and foreign vehicle needs them for each identified environmental zone). Further national badges will follow within the coming years as there are the Blue Badge (nitrogen oxide badge) and the E-Badge (electric vehicles) for Germany. But also corresponding badges for vehicles in Spain and the Czech Republic.


Emissionshändler.com with its portals www.emissionshaendler.com and www.handel-emisjami.pl is active in obligatory emissions trading in Poland, Germany, and Austria.
Emissionshändler.com has been dealing with CO2/emission rights (purchase, sale, exchange) for enterprises in various energy markets in Europe and the bilateral market since December 2005.

Climate Company

Climate Company with its portal www.climate-company.de buys and compensates CO2 rights for private persons and enterprises not dealing with the obligatory emissions trading.
Climate Company informs about topics like climate change, climate protection, and CO2 free (compensated) car driving. Moreover Climate Company offers on its portal climate gifts and climate neutrality to be purchased by private persons, enabling everybody to participate voluntarily in the European trade with emissions rights by purchasing climate vignettes or climate certificates or becoming engaged to the international climate protection – in any case do something for our climate and donate future.